По дороге через Перу

Дата: 31.10.2010
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Interoceanic Highway, Peru April, 2010 Trucks line up, waiting to cross at a checkpoint that closes for hours on end as construction continues further down the highway. Peruvian truck drivers are livid about laws requiring them to purchase brand new trucks to ply the toll road when it opens. Most cannot afford it or the $3000.00 commerical driver’s license required to drive on the Brazilian side of the highway.
The Interoceanic Highway consists of the construction and rehabilitation of a total of 2,603 kilometers of roads linking the Amazon state of Acre in Brazil with the port cities of Ilo, Matarani and San Juan de Marcona along the southern coast of Peru. Brazil will have easier access to Asian markets for their Amazonian products. Many in Peru fear that their giant neighbor will consume Peruvian jobs and companies en route to the Pacific. (Photo by Michael Robinson Chavez/LA Times)

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